Do you find waiting also annoying? Especially on the phone?
And how about waiting in total silence ?
Annoying to the caller, and annoying for you.
Did you know that callers with such lingering silence sometimes hang up after twenty seconds?

We ensure that waiting on the line is no longer bothersome, but a useful tool.
Via short messages so the caller can get acquainted with the products and services of your company.
In a pleasant way, moreover, with the proper framing and appropriate background music.
We record waiting messages custom tailored to fit your needs.

A good text, the right background, the appropriate professional voices.
We deliver the audio files in any format.

From alaw or ulaw to vox, wav, mp3 or just on CD.
You want to know more? Have a look around on this site, you will find definitely what you need.
Listen to examples of finished phone messages below.
View various texts, sample diverse music or listen to professional voices in different languages.
By offer you will additionally find out exactly what your personal phone message will cost.

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